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Our Vision

Engineering technological security,
providing cutting edge cyber and technological security solutions for complex systems

What We Do

security design

Starting from threat and vulnerability analysis following with security system design and architectures, leading the security solution development for the unique and proprietary systems and system of systems of our customers.

Technological security
building block development

Developing novel and challenging, customized security proof of concepts and engineering modules as a part of our customers security solution development.

Cyber and technological security research

Focused on the cutting-edge fields of cyber and technological security, demonstrating novel threats and unique security solution which are based on different and multidisciplinary engineering disciplines.

what we do

Engineering technological


About Triarii

Triarii-Research is a multidisciplinary cyber & information security company specializing in engineering aspect of engineering security with emphasis on physical hardware & software interfaces. 


We operate, innovate and develop groundbreaking solutions for cyber security companies, working with the biggest security companies in the industry helping them to protect their systems.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Doron Bar-Lev, Doctor of electrical engineering graduated from Tel-Aviv university, specialized in security and physical electronics.
Dr. Doron Bar-Lev has more than 18 years of experience in the fields of cyber and technological security, cryptography, RF, hardware and system security engineering.

Served at the IDF cyber security elite unit for 9 years and continued to a broad career during which he researched, designed, developed and consulted dozens of projects.


Our Team

Our team is based on multidisciplinary cyber
and technological security experts with a vast experience in development of security solutions
for complex systems and system of systems.

Most of us have years of experience from R&D teams mainly in the defense community along with deep and broad academic experience in a variety of fields including Electrical engineering, RF engineering, physics and mathematics.


Our Customers

Mainly focused on the defense industry our customers include

the leading companies in the field, including:

our customers
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We Are Hiring!

If you are a multidisciplinary engineer or exact sciences graduate, who has the heart of a researcher that thrives
from technological challenges and is looking for a career in the cutting edge fields of technological and cyber security.
Don’t hesitate to contact us:

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