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Cyber and Technological-Security System Engineer

About Us

Established in 2017, as one of the first pioneers of specialized systems security in Israel.

We provide technological security analysis, architecture, and innovative solutions.
Specializing in system security analysis, secure architecture design, R&D of novel security solutions, hardware and system engineering cyber security, wireless channels security, secure embedded system design, cryptography, Quantum communication and more.

What You'll Do

  • Analyzing advance systems and designing cyber and technological security solutions while addressing threat analysis in operational environment. Costume solutions for systems in different maturity and life-cycle phases. Leading and managing cyber and security research in SW\FW\HW. Leading and escorting development teams from specification, through design to integration.

  • Design and conduct system proof of concept experiments. Initiate and advance projects and product development in cyber and security technology.


  • Bachelor's degree in electronics engineering / physics engineering / Computer Science.

  • At least 3 years of experience in HW\FW development, preferably embedded and\or multidisciplinary systems.

  • Hands on experience with cyber and\or technological security.


  • Master’s degree or higher.

  • Experience designing digital circuits.

  • Experience developing FPGA.

  • Valid security clearance.

Company location: Netanya + Company teams at on-site work by clients.

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